Customer Management

Put the customer at the heart of company strategy

Customer Management Consulting 

How you interact with your customer and the quality of goods and services you offer to them are key to the success of your business. So, Customer Management should be at the heart of every company’s strategy. Whilst this seems straightforward, experience shows that it can be hugely difficult to realise in an effective way. As your business changes, customer management practice needs to change to support the new way of working. However, this is often hampered by two common problems: the first is business process and the second is business systems. Business systems develop over time to support the changing needs of the business, which often results in a number of disparate systems all supporting the customer. So, when processes need to change all these systems need to change as well. This can sometimes be a daunting task. So, whilst we want to put our customers first, many companies struggle to achieve this in a systematic and consistent fashion. 

How can NTT DATA help? Through our customer management consultancy we help customers align their people, process and technology to ensure successful outcomes with their customers. Our approach is to help our customers reach a single goal – to give their people the right information at the right time to make the right decision which leads to a successful interaction with the customer – every time. Our Customer Management Consultancy services include:

  • Customer management strategy  
  • Business process management 
  • Change management and training
  • System selection processes
  • High level design

Customer Relationship Management 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems provide the technology to support your customer management strategy. NTT DATA CRM solutions will support your sales, marketing, support and service teams with a single view of the customer to ensure that customers have a consistent experience with your organisation no matter where, how or when they interact with your teams. 

Contact Centre Management 

NTT DATA provides a wide variety of solutions and services that encompass all of the operational and technical capabilities that constitute a modern contact centre.


Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions work in conjunction with customer management solutions in an integrated fashion to ensure that marketing efforts, contacts and campaigns are fully integrated into your customer management solutions.

NTT DATA’s solutions enhance the marketing functionality of CRM and contact centre solutions to provide you with direct marketing functionality that allows you to send bulk email, sms and whitemail campaigns effectively via the use of advanced graphics, templates and landing pages. Click-through analysis, web analytics, automated campaign response activities and surveys all help your marketing team better analyse and reach your prospective customers.