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Nadia Comaneci visits NTT DATA Romania's headquarters

Nadia Comaneci talked about the European Gymnastics Championships organized in Cluj at The NTT DATA Tower.

Nadia Comăneci talked about the European Gymnastics Championships organized in Cluj.
Along with her there were other personalities from the gymnastics world, such as: Andreea Raducanu, Octavian Bellu, Adrian Stoica, President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation and Mihai Covaliu - President of the Romanian Olympic Sport Committee.

"I'm excited. It is a great honor to have in our headquarters gymnasts and champions of such value and notoriety. We are honored to support gymnastics, which is almost like IT, requires perseverance, inventiveness, tenacity, perfect coordination, "Metz said.

Nadia Comăneci spoke about the challenges gymnastics has in Romania.

"We no longer have a selection base and we have to motivate parents to make them understand that sport is important to children," Nadia explained.

"The selection base has thinned, we had a much larger base. When I was doing gymnastics, it was Daciada. The moment you have such a great base it is very easy to find these talents. When the base is thinning out, and it began to thin, it's harder. When you have 10 or 8 girls and you have to choose 6 and you also have 3 have injured, then you have a big problem, "Nadia said. "In the United States, gymnastics became very popular after 1984 when Mary Lou Retton won. Every little child wanted to do gymnastics, not necessarily going to the Olympics. Well-understood every athlete dreams of going to the Olympics, but gymnastics is a basic sport as any other sport they do. We do not have and we should motivate parents to make them understand that sport is important for children, even if we do not want to practice. So, the lack of a selection base is one of the biggest problems that Romania has in gymnastics, "Nadia said.

"I am from Cluj through adoption and it's great what happened in Cluj, what NTT DATA does and I hope to continue the projects together," said Andreea Raducan.


Former coach Octavian Bellu praised Cluj for its’ infrastructure.

"I see that the national football team comes here more and mre, you have a modern hall, modern accommodation, I hope all foreign officials will be impressed and I hope they will let the world know about how nice it is in Cluj and Romania. Cluj is the capital of Romanian sports, "Bellu said.