Application Development and Management

Don't let your applications portfolio hold you back

Architecture Strategy and Design

Systems need to be architected from the start to support your enterprise cost-effectively today, while allowing easy adaptability tomorrow. NTT DATA’s IT architects will work closely with you to align your business strategies and supporting technologies. In addition, our application design foundation and technology-neutral approach allows us to provide multiple innovative architectural options that can help you build a lasting, adaptable IT foundation to support continuing growth. NTT DATA's enterprise architecture and planning methodology is customisable to fit one or more divisions of an enterprise (compared to competitor offerings that are domain template-based). It provides a comprehensive business-user-system focus to architecture design (vs. the traditional business-system focus).

Application Development and System Integration

NTT DATA has the experience, proven methodologies and best practices to become your innovation partner in the development and integration of customised software. Our project management approach has earned us client recognition for achieving on-time, within-budget delivery. We also take full advantage of agile development and iterative processes to help deliver incremental and qualified business value with higher user adoption. We exploit the benefits of the latest tools and technology, yet are vendor-agnostic and technology-neutral. The result is improved product quality, more useful functionality, lower cost and a higher ROI.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Organisations everywhere are under increasing pressure to make their business more efficient by using software innovation to drive growth and respond more swiftly to changing markets. The demand to develop solutions quickly can have a negative effect on software quality, introducing the potential for risk and error. The key is to to detect and fix errors as early as possible. NTT DATA makes that possible through our quality assurance and testing services. NTT DATA provides: 

  • Functional Testing including regression, integration, risk-based and compliance
  • Non-functional Testing including performance, load/stress and system security
  • Mobile Testing across platforms and devices
  • Specialised Testing including cloud solutions, ERP systems, data quality and SOA solutions
  • Consulting Services including assessments on quality assurance and test processes, and methodology consulting

Application Management and Outsourcing

To drive business growth, applications must continue to deliver value throughout their lifecycles. NTT DATA helps you to identify immediate and long-term optimisation opportunities through continuous measurement, analysis and innovation of the entire application portfolio. Application management is a catalyst for getting the maximum business value from your applications while reducing cost and risk. NTT DATA Application Management and Outsourcing (AMO) Services, known as DynAMO, help our clients significantly improve their support operations model and increase business user satisfaction by leveraging NTT DATA’s global resource base, proven methodologies and transition process to deliver more for less.

Legacy Modernisation and Transformation

As legacy systems typically perform 75% of all transactions and consume 80% of the IT budget, they are essential to driving innovation. Improvements to legacy system performance can have a dramatic effect on business performance and innovation. Our Legacy Modernisation and Transformation services can help you convert or migrate your legacy databases and languages to newer technologies, using a highly automated, tools-based approach and a proven structured methodology. This preserves and extends the life of your most valuable applications, while providing you with a path toward your technology end state. Our solution identifies quick hit opportunities for cost take-out from application and process portfolios and leverages it for funding modernisation initiatives. Our solution examines all aspects of modernisation – applications, infrastructure, quality, sourcing.


Investing in mobility may be high on the CIO agenda. However, the reality of needing to integrate multiple mobile operating systems with enterprise applications can quickly lead to costly roll out plans. It's essential for your organisation to embrace the mobile revolution, however, it has to be done in a secure, controlled, and cost effective manner. NTT DATA has a proven track record of working within the telecommunication industry and deep experience of harnessing mobile platforms. Our team can help you build and implement an actionable mobile strategy that includes cloud-based enterprise app stores; crowd-sourced mobile testing; mobile e-learning; and comprehensive mobile/web cross-platform solutions. As an end-to-end quality partner, NTT DATA leverages advanced technology and a global Centre of Excellence to help you plan and execute your enterprise mobile strategy. Our mobility capabilities include: Mobile Strategy and Assessments; Mobile Application Development; Mobile Governance; Mobile Application Management (MAM);  Mobile Quality Assurance and Testing; Mobile Application Lifecycle Management and Mobile User Interface Design.

Online Services

The exponential growth of social media and mobile devices combined with the great improvement in web technologies represent new opportunities and a great potential for growth to all businesses. However, aligning all these new components into a unified IT strategy can be extremely challenging from both technological and usability perspectives. NTT DATA blends front-end innovation and back-end performance to provide a unique mix of web strategy, design integration, user experience, and development expertise that enables us to develop web solutions that better engage your audience and deliver business results. Our online services include: Portals (for institutions and e-commerce businesses); User Experience Optimisation; Mobile Applications; Reputation Management; e-commerce Strategy and Social Media Strategy.

Emerging Technologies

If your company aims to become a real-time enterprise, you will need information and goods to be available at the right place at the right time, always. The real-time enterprise concept requires the mobility of goods and individuals, and also the mobility of information and ideas.

  • Smart World: NTT DATA helps your company to exploit emerging technologies in order to control and manage the efficiency of systems, including buildings, cities and cars.
  • Cloud Based Solutions: NTT DATA Cloud-based solutions leverage the power and potential of cloud computing to dramatically lower expenses associated with building, maintaining and operating a data centre.
  • Mobile Payments: NTT DATA is the ideal partner for the creation of a comprehensive value-adding network for the mobile wallet and the implementation of individual services such as m-payments.

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