Digitization as success factor in the world’s largest automotive market

Around the international Auto Shanghai Show this year, further car centered events have taken place. The first Car Symposium Shanghai at Tongji University under the headline “Success Factors in the World’s Largest Automotive Market”, organized by  University of Duisburg-Essen Center Automotive Research, was one I have participated in as speaker. The leading topic was: how […]

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Innovation – the NTT I3 way

In March 2015, Srini Koushik as the President and CEO of the NTT Innovation Institute in Palo Alto visited us in Munich before his keynote presentation for a customer workshop. I took this opportunity to do an interview on his view on innovation & product lifecycle management. Srini, please introduce yourself to our readers. I […]

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Lessons learned from large-scale data migration projects

Data migration is of course only one aspect of system conversion. Usually data migration is performed in conjunction with other conversions like technology or interfaces. Nevertheless, data migration is often the most expensive and confusing part of the conversion project. So let’s revisit the handful of fairly large data migrations I encountered in my professional […]

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Customer Management in Used Car Business

Photo: Jorg Mühlenberg, Munich To get a lemon car is people’s major concern when buying a used vehicle: Has it been abused, improperly maintained or poorly repaired? Ironically, the brand name of the popular French manufacturer Citroën means lemon. Moreover, the founder’s grandfather actually had been a greengrocer who sold citrus fruit, a profession which […]

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Industry 4.0 – but integrated

Industry 4.0 – a nice vision: flexible and intelligent machines produce equally intelligent physical products, based on virtual product models. During their use, these products report their operational status and service demands online to the manufacturer. In the meantime, the manufacturers are developing new business models. But: how does the data get to the right […]

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Trends en la Industria Automotriz – Datos, el aceite del siglo 21.

¿Qué nos traerá el futuro? ¿Tendremos teléfonos inteligentes conectados a redes sociales o servidores de red móviles con cabina virtual sobre cuatro ruedas? Es indiscutible la innovación en el vehículo está fuertemente influenciada por la tecnología de la Información Durante más de 100 años, la industria automotriz ha sido impulsada por el avance constante de […]

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